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The state's commitment to tackle HIV and AIDS dates to 1992 when KSAPS was established as a cell in the Directorate of Health and Family Welfare Services and registered as a society in 1997. It has implemented HIV prevention, care and support programs within the framework of NACP-I, II and III with support from NACO. KSAPS built strong partnerships with the government health infrastructure, NGOs and collaborative projects such as the Indo-Canadian Collaborative HIV/AIDS Project (ICHAP), which operated from 2000-2005. Currently we are in NACP IV from year 2012 to 2017



Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (ICTC) is A Gateway to Prevention, Treatment And Care.

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Mother to child transmission of HIV is the primary route of transmission in children.

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The primary impact of HIV on Tuberculosis is that the risk of developing Tuberculosis z007A(TB) becomes higher patients with HIV.

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STI / RTI Treatment

Major route of Transmission of HIV is unprotected sex and HIV is primarily considered to be a sexually transmitted infection

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Targeted Intervention

In Karnataka more than 90% of HIV transmission is related to unprotected sexual intercourse between an infected and uninfected individual. Not everyone in the population has the same risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV.

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Care,Support & Treatment

The care, support and treatment needs of HIV positive people vary with the stage of the infection. The HIV infected person remains asymptomatic for the initial years; it manifests by six to eight years, at this stage, medical treatment and support is needed.

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Blood Transfusion Services

The Blood Safety Programme under NACP-IV aims to ensure provision of safe and quality blood to far-flung remote areas of the country in the shortest possible time through a well-coordinated National Blood Transfusion Service.

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Knowledge level on HIV and AIDS among the population in Karnataka, NFHS-3 reports that only 35% of women population know that consistent use of condom prevents HIV infection where as 74% of male have this information .

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